Hi Peeps,

I feel as if I have ran up on an old friend and we need to catch up on each other's lives. I'm good. I really am. Save the fact that I am a burning inferno several times a day, and most of the night. I was on an excellent medication for my hormones, but had heart issues so had to come off of it. I thought I could handle the hot flashes with no medication, but it is just not so.  I can't get enough sleep to function, and the hot flashes keep my hair looking dirty/greasy. Today I go to the doctor to see if I can tolerate another medication, maybe something topical. We shall see. Pray!


My life is a hot mess on a plate, but I am coping well. What choice do I have really? I think living in an unstable household as a small child taught me coping skills that are helping in my daily walk. We have a new grandchild on the way, as son's gf T is 22 weeks pregnant. It is a little girl. Their situation is not great, so it makes me sad for this baby. I love children, and wish they all came into the world into good situations. A good situation in my mind is a home, with at least one working parent. Siblings that are not in bad situations themselves. Married people, or at least completely committed to each other. At this moment my son and his gf have not been working, though he does have a new job now. They don't have their own place. The old saying "They don't have a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out of" comes to mind. They have nothing, and can offer nothing to this little child. Just makes me angry that people have zero forethought. I pray daily about this situation, and maybe, just maybe it will work out okay. It is what it is I suppose.


Still have a full house every single day in the daycare. 7  three year olds, and 8 when JH comes to visit every month. We have fun together, and this little group gets along well with one another, which is a plus. We have 5 boys, and two girls. They are all kind of calm, which I like. No one has stepped out as the wild child, though I am expecting someone to eventually. I hope not, but it never fails.


RJ and I are working our fingers to the bone to pay our bills. It is getting increasingly hard to do. What is up with that? We both work full time jobs, and generally he works overtime every single week. Our electricity bill has been between $350-480 every month for the entire Summer. That has not helped at all. I'm trying to juggle the funds into a better situation, but so far that hasn't helped. That plus we have had a lot of vehicle repairs as of late. That is never less than $150.00, and generally it is more in the $3-400.00 range. We don't ever give up though. We just keep plugging along making the best of it. No choices. Bleh! I bet there are millions of people in the same boat, just plugging along. Bless us all.


My daughter Sunshine is doing well, which of course I always knew she would. She works at her alma mater, dates a great guy, and is buying her/their first home. They close on the 8th and start a new chapter together. Super exciting stuff right there. She has a stable job, and though she needs a new vehicle, she has her ducks in a row. She has the forethought to plan to purchase a vehicle in the next couple of years, and to stick with a long  term plan. She has almost finished her masters degree, and I am super proud of her. How can my children be so different? I'm blaming genetics.


I've been on a low calorie, low carb diet for some time now. I haven't lost a lot of weight, but have lost some inches. I haven't had the energy for working out, since I don't sleep well at night. I love to work out, so that is telling. I am praying the new meds will give me my energy back, and allow me to sleep at night. Something has to give in that department.


Well peeps I have to hop off of here and get this party started. I hope you are all doing well, and can not wait to catch up with everyone.

Be blessed

peace :D shemelts


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Comments (11)

  1. SEC

    Hang in there these heat fluctuations shall pass. But then again we’ve always suspected you were “hot stuff”

    October 05, 2016
    1. shemelts

      Ha ha! Yea well this “hot stuff” is about to go up in smoke!!

      October 06, 2016
  2. stonehead

    it must feel good to write and post and be among friends and familiars.
    Thanks thoughts.com for fixing things and making all this available. cheers. another day, and is good to see you in print.

    October 05, 2016
    1. shemelts

      Yes it is so good. Now to find the time to read and relate to others. Good to see you stonehead.

      October 06, 2016
  3. noahbody

    A new grandchild is a blessing for you although her situation may not be the best. Prayers for the parents and for her. You must be so proud of your daughter! She sounds like my youngest. Yes we are all just barely making it these days and I have a damn good job and my wife works. Bless you and your family.

    October 05, 2016
    1. shemelts

      Thank you so much. Yes the baby will be a blessing for everyone, a little girl. I do love babies. Bless you as well.

      October 06, 2016

    Life happens, and rarely in the expected ways…good luck with the meds, the bills , and your son/grandchild.

    October 05, 2016
    1. shemelts

      True, true!

      October 06, 2016
  5. Nightbane

    may I suggest black cohosh root ( cimefuga racemosa, you can gt it at GNC in your country, use the one is 540 mg, one daily, I’m informed it works better if taken at night) vitamin E is good for calmigmn down hot flashes, one perday,can be taken with the cohosh. check your diet and see if you may be B12 deficient, not any direct benefit for your difficulties but very good at helping handle the stresses come of it.
    stay away from soy, everyone I ever knew took that for your difficulty got worse, some deveolp a strange for of what seems arthritis in about a fornight to perhaps a month after beginning to take the stuff.soy strips hormones, the only benefit is it is heavy on isoflavones, there are better ways to get those.
    Hello, dear lady, is good to see you in here again!

    October 06, 2016
    1. shemelts

      Thank you Nightbane. I shall try your suggestions. I do take vitamin E twice per day for pain in the breast. I am allergic to soy, so that is something I avoid. I take a relatively high potency multi-vitamin, so I think I may be good with vitamin B.

      October 06, 2016
  6. annabelleewan

    Well, it is true that in these sorts of conditions as per the essay writing services your life can become a mess. But don’t worry about it I hope you will get an effective and proper medication. You can also make up with this situation by just standing bravely to face them.

    October 29, 2016