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For those not familar with my blog, I live in the Bible belt. In fact I live on the buckle. You can't throw a rock without hitting a church. No joke. I was raised Baptist, but my parents did not attend church. I attended various churches, and learned the Southern Baptist way. My husband attended a Southern Holiness Church of Christ Baptist, and boy did he hate going. He was dragged by his mother 2/3 days a week, every time the doors opened. She believed, and still believes that you have to be in church to be a good person. Well, I don't agree with that at all. Good people surrond me, and a lot of them are not church goers.


One issue I have with my MIL's way of thinking is while she attends church on a regular basis, she does not live a Christ like life. Well she doesn't break any laws or anything of that sort. What she does do though is Gossip, non stop gossip. She asks hundreds of inapproriate questions of everyone, and then tells other people what she learns. Bleh! I think it makes her feel important to have information to share at the hair salon. I just wonder if any of those women she talks to wonder if she talks the same about them. I would.


She came to the house the other night and said something that really made me angry. We were on my porch swing watching JH play. RJ and I were sitting there when she started laughing. She said "It was funny what Brother Charles said the other day. He said "Well they finally got 50 of the gays. I guess that is a start." She just laughed. I said to her "That is a horrible thing to say, I don't appreciate it. Those were someone's family members. They were sons and daughters,  brothers and sisters, and they had grandparents too. What a terrible thing to laugh at." So she starts backpedaling with "Well he was probably just making a joke." I said "Well you don't have to laugh at such a joke, and you definitely don't need to repeat it."


So in her Southern Holiness Baptist mind these people are just the "gays".  What the actual hell? Sounds like she has made them into inanimate objects just so she can feel comfortable making fun of them. How is that Christ like? How can you preach religion, and also hate people for what they do in the privacy of their own homes? I just do not get it at all. 


When I read the Bible, and I have read it front to back three times, I thought the main focus was Love One Another as I have Loved You.  Love your neighbors, and your fellowman. I don't think there was an actual sentiment of sorting people out by who they choose to have sex with. I don't recall Jesus Christ asking people who they slept with, or anything of that sort. I don't recall him putting people aside due to how they chose to live their lives.  They do not follow the WWJD motto for sure. Sigh!


I have a difficult time breaking bread with my MIL due to all of the crazy ideas she has, and how she just spits out whatever comes in her mind. She is close minded, and believes what she believes. As for me, I choose to not be judgemental. I do not care who you sleep with, or how you choose to enjoy yourself privately. I just do not care. I care how you treat me, and how you treat others. I care how you present yourself to me, and how you present me to others. I just don't know if this country will ever learn to mind its own business, and I'm sure the area I live in won't. Everybody is up in everybody else's business. Making judgements on the daily. It is sad really. I am troubled by it.



These troubled times.


peace :/ shemelts

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Comments (6)

  1. dreamshadow59

    What a GREAT article Shemelts, I totally agree with you. Live and LET live…Help all people and be kind to everyone. God Bless You!!!

    June 21, 2016
  2. honestycounts

    My wife’s Inlaws are all hollier than thou judgemental assholes! They get on my fucking nerves!

    June 22, 2016
  3. SEC

    granted she was way out of line, and should be corrected (with love). The problem with criticism is that when we do it is odd how we tend to be confronted with the same conditions in our selves

    June 22, 2016
  4. monicaspeaks

    The only one who can judge us is God himsef. It is not our place.
    A shame people have to make the comments they do about others. If you dont like it look the other way and keep your mouth shut.

    June 22, 2016
  5. GoldenPig2012

    Well, shemelts, I agree. You have every right to speak, as does she. I was raised Baptist, my grandmother had a Catholic father, kind of a one-two punch. But, thankfully, despite that, she, her children, including my mother and now I……..truly believe that loving one another is the best thing we can do. One of my mother’s favorite things to say was, “Be forgiving and tolerant, honey, one day, you’ll need it from others.” She was right. So, you have yours, she has hers and it makes life harder than life already is, I know, but, you’re each doing the best you can with what you have. Good luck, dear.

    June 22, 2016
  6. jamiemoreton

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    July 21, 2016