I have a full house today, a very full house. I have 6 boys, and 2 girls. Whew! The youngest turned two in April, and the oldest turned 4 in April. I have several leaving next week for pre-k. I think they are all ready, save writing their names. They have been here since they were two years old together. Friends and playmates for two years now. It is a bittersweet time for me. Probably the hardest part of my job is letting go of all of the Littles that you have come to know and love. 


I have only one remaining from this group. He has been with me a full year. He is 4, and I am sure he will be sad to see all of his friends leave. I replaced 3 already, but they are younger. He will now be the oldest. I have a new two-year-old girl, who is basically non-verbal She chatters, but says nothing you can understand, save the word no. I have a new 3 year old who is also non-verbal, and he turns 4 in September. He talks, and you can understand a word every now and then. He is very developmentally delayed speech wise. Does not even care there are other children around, and is in his own little world. Mom seems nonplused by any of that. Oh bother. 


So that means I have 4 in place, and 3 to replace. Usually, that is not an issue. It has been this year though. I think it is because I am replacing so many at one time.  I'm not going to panic. It will work out as it should. I truly believe that things work out as they should. I guess you can call me a fatalist. I believe in fate. I believe life is laid out for us long before we get here, and that we are just walking through it. A leftover remnant from my early church days I suppose. I also believe you can choose how you respond to how life unfolds. I choose to be happy. I choose to be thankful. I choose to roll with the flow. What do you choose? 


I had a crazy dream last night about my doctor. I dreamed he kissed me, and he did it in front of a bunch of people. He is married, and so am I. It was not well received by the people. Oh dear! Well after he kissed me we full out had a moment, and we didn't either one of us care that people were there. Now for the record, I am a modest person. I don't mind kissing my husband in public, but I would NEVER ever in my wildest dreams, well in my real life, kiss a married man in public. Well, not in private either. LOL! So we carried on for a bit, and then I made eye contact with one of the women in the group. I then mouthed "OH MY GOD!!" to her, and shrugged. Oh dear! 


What is up with me and all these crazy dreams? Now I wouldn't consider this a bad dream. It was quite pleasant actually, however unrealistic it was. One wonders if I have some kind of fantasy life going on in my head that only comes out in dreams. Do I have a crush on my doctor? Nah! I like him. I respect him. I would never, ever kiss him though. Mercy me. When I start having dreams of this sort, I always consider it a sign that I need more sex in my life. My husband shall be happy to benefit from that wisdom. 


I've joined a gym, and am trying to go at least 3 days per week. It is what I would call a cold place though. People are not really friendly. I haven't met anyone I feel the need to talk to. We nod, and move on. It is not a place I can not wait to go back to. Years ago when I was in my early 30's my husband and I belonged to a gym in town. Now that place was rocking on the daily. We had a lot of friends, and there was an unspoken rivalry circulating in the air between the women. I got in the best shape of my life there. I never felt so good, or looked so good. I think I do well when I feel the need to be competitve. It worked for me then at least. At my new gym, not so much. They seem to be floundering. I have never seen more thant 7 or 8 people there at once. That is odd to me. I only have to pay $20.00 per month for my membership. The only problem is that there are no people led classes. All classes are online classes. Sigh! They do have a lot of free weights, and machine weights. They also have a huge selection of recumbant bikes, and treadmills. I just wish I could meet some people who would depend on me being there. That kind of pushes me. As it is now, I can go or not go. No one will notice. Oh well! 


My life is a busy one. A lot of work, and a lot to do when I am not working. Two grandchildren, two children, and a husband. The husband and I have come full circle. We are more relaxed in life than ever. Not a lot phases us at this point. Save losing one of our children, or grandchildren, we can handle pretty much anything. I am happy with that. I'm fairly sure he is too. Too much time spent worrying about the wrong things in life. My stance now is if nobody died, it will all be alright. Whew!


So, I am going to hop off of here and get this afternoon started. I hope y'all are well. Take care of you, and perhaps one more person. Be blessed!


peace :D shemelts



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Comments (4)

  1. RRoe

    I would never not kiss you in public. Now in private, well you know me – I’m an average guy with no evil thoughts.

    August 02, 2017
  2. Shea

    Hi, Stranger. So nice to see you again. I have missed Thoughts, and not even sure what happened. Somehow, as I was logging out of Facebook, a page came up and said “Start a blog”, and I thought, “I miss blogging, so what the heck!” Imagine my surprise when Thoughts popped up in front of me. I almost didn’t even try to get in, because I have been disappointed so many times. Put my info in, and zap, there I was. Shaking my head here – if I had been trying, I would still be locked out. But, what the heck – I like good surprises. Have a good day for yourself. -———————————————- Just me again -—————————————— Shea

    August 04, 2017
  3. funfreak

    Hey, Lady! Nice to see you. Sounds like your life is treating you pretty well…..along with the normal day to day stuff that either makes us laugh, cry, or scream a little! Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven with us!

    August 04, 2017
  4. stonehead

    Look in, smile and think: kiss kiss. Oh wait, not in the mood and not with you. kiss. kiss. working out and is a challenge, being in the right place with all the right people. Am not in the physical workout flow or mood, and have a few trips to make in august and sept, concerning a recent death in the family. Going to visit the family and do what I can, to visit, play and give voice to the positive things in life. working out. interesting dreams. and a new crew of kids in the daycare. he smiles

    August 08, 2017