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I am an emotional mess. I can't stop feeling weepy, and I can't clear my mind of the reason I am weepy. So the backstory.


Everyone knows I own an in home child care, and that I have been licensed for over 30 years. I have provided care for 100 plus families, and I have an excellent safety record. My biggest fear is a child getting hurt or killed on my watch, so I am uber safety conscious. I make them wear helmets on any moving toy, walk in the house, and walk on the driveway. I have so many safety rules, and I drill them into little heads on the daily. I just can not fathom a child getting hurt enough to require a hospital visit. I just can't even.


On Wednesday a child in our state died at a daycare. He was watching television when another child climbed up onto the tv stand and pushed the television onto the child crushing his head. The child was a five year old boy, just beautiful and full of life. Gone in an instant, and nothing anyone could do to help him. His teacher was in the room speaking to another parent, and had asked the child to get down off of the tv stand. This is an unspeakable accident, but one that could have been prevented. The daycare had a rolling cart with three shelves on it. The television was an old fashioned model which was probably 40/50 lbs, and far too large to sit atop this rolling stand. It was more of an art stand, and television extended far out on top of the stand. Just unsafe! 


The police reports say that an ambulance was called to the facility for a child with a nose bleed. It is unclear to me whether they just didn't realize the severity of his injuries, or if they were trying to hide that fact. It is clear to me that he suffered a life threatening blow, and that should have been told to the dispatcher at the time. Unsure why they said a nose bleed, because to me that is not a serious call, at all. So there is the first confusing issue. Then the police report says the child climbed up on the stand himself, though family members refute that saying another child climbed up and knocked the tv off. Which is it? Then there is the teacher's story. She reported to the police that she was talking to another child's parent when the tv fell on the boy. In another report it stated that she was distracted by the other 8 children in the room. Which is it? The police report says he was transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Family members, and the daycare's statement was that he died at the daycare. I am assuming he died at the daycare, an investigation insueed, and then he was transported for a physician to pronounce him dead. Just heartbreaking.


Why is this causing me so much emotional upheaval? Well to me one child is all children. The fact that it could have been any of these 9 children in the room. The fact that the daycare had a dangerous situation with the really large/heavy tv on this too small stand. The fact that I own a similar tv, though it is on a solid wood stand, that an environmentalist has granted me permission to use. This hits too close to home for me. My biggest fear ever is to allow a child to die in my home due to my negligence. I keep my eyes and ears open at all times, and I have complete and utter control over my children at all times. I am in the room with them 95% of the time, though there are times when I must step away for a moment (use the potty). This makes me hypervigilant, almost to the point of insanity. I just can't even.


It will take me a while to come to terms with this child's death. Why Lord? There is a huge investigation ongoing, and I pray that they find that this was a horrible accident. I do know that there will be a write up for that unsafe stand. I also know that there will be new rules forthcoming. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to keep my children safe. I will probably replace my television ASAP with a lighter more up to date flatscreen. They weigh around 10 lbs, and will be a lot lighter should they fall. At that the state will most likely require all tvs to be mounted to the wall, and not allow tvs on stands. That makes sense to me. I am willing to do that. After all my purchases come directly off of my taxes, and if it keeps on child safe I am willing.


Please help me pray for this child's family. The teacher in the room, which was his aunt by the way. For the parents of all of the children in the room at the time. For every single person who knew and loved him. For all providers who immediately felt the stab of being responsible for so many little lives. Jesus!


peace :( shemelts

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Comments (8)

  1. SEC

    June 03, 2016
  2. noahbody

    s and prayers for all. You have the right attitude. Nothing is too expensive to insure their safety.

    June 03, 2016
  3. RRoe


    June 04, 2016
  4. celine2

    That is so sad. It sounds like they are unsure just how it happened, but they know it hit his head. Well, it is a terrible tragedy, but it has brought something to everyone’s attention so hopefully, it never happens again. You sound like a very responsible caregiver, but you know with kids, accidents happen sometimes. My son, when he was little, was at the sitters while I was working. Two little twin boys, and I will never forget the terminology, double tripped him. He hit his head on an old cast iron radiator which required stitches. I never thought the sitter was negligent— she was an older women with a lot of childcare experience. All you can do is child-safe things as much as possible and supervise, and you’re already doing that.

    June 04, 2016
  5. Nightbane

    surprised old style CRT telly is not utterly banned from daycare unless wall mounted, high in corner like as hospital, precisely for possibility of accidents or fires.
    On conflicting " reports" take only official documentation, the " news" is long suspect and tends to deal more in speculation than fact.
    with that many children, how is it not required to have second adult present precisely so one may use loo, speak with parents, deal with stray dog on premises… ? Loclly must have one adult for every four children. Other adults need not be teachers or licenses, only clean, sober, pass background check and have first aid certificate, no health concerns like epilepsy or any communicable complaints, must not be taking narcotics or other prescribed drugs befuddle the wit or responses.

    June 06, 2016
  6. ginger100

    Prayers go out everyday now to all who was involved. A special prayer for you to help the sadness slowly go away and heal the suffering of hearing the report. I cried myself when reading it. TV’s should be mounted on the wall for their sake. There was no reason a child should of died on that day. Someone was not watching. A quicker reaction to the problem should of been done. You see something like this and your in a group meeting. “Stop talking and attend the situation. This could of been prevented. I feel your sadness. May God help you with your sadness.
    May God be with you. ”emo smile">

    June 08, 2016
  7. marthahcroteau

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    August 11, 2016
  8. evasalting

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    August 13, 2016