I've been unable to post on thoughts for some time, even though I have had lots of thoughts. So many thoughts in fact that I thought I might explode. From the thoughts, you know? Well thankfully this morning let me in. Thank goodness!


So where to start. Lets start with the current situation. CPS showed up at my house the other day asking to speak to my grandson's mother. I almost passed out. I really did. He saw my shock and concern, and tried to make light of the situation. No need in that. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end for her. Probably not though. She seems to hide from authorities. In fact I told the guy he would never find her. She is not in one location. Though she has given us an address, that does not mean she is there. Her history tells us she is probably not. He wanted to interview JH, but heck he is barely able to talk. Though he is three he is just grasping words, and making great strides, thankfully. I did wake him from his nap so he could get a visual on him. He would not talk to the CPS worker. Oh well!


What was he supposed to say anyways? He is barely three. If he witnessed something, it is unlikely that he would have the words to explain it to anyone. If someone had committed a crime against him, he would not know how to explain that either. He had not at the time said anything untoward about his mother, so I couldn't really tell the CPS worker anything. He did in the days after they visited start saying he did not want to go see his mommy. He told me her house was really dark. He told me she was in a dark dark room. I have zero clue what any of that meant, but it made me sad. Children are supposed to love their moms, and want to be with them. He doesn't seem to mind her leaving, and really doesn't ask about her in the two weeks he spends with us. I'm thinking as he grows older and gets a larger vocabulary we will know a lot more about what is going on in his little life.


We went on about our visit with JH, and his mom picked him up yesterday. He was happy to see her, which made me feel better about the situation. I will keeping an eye on that situation, and paying close attention to the things he says, so that I can inform CPS. Due to the fact that his mom did not live at our house, he gave me zero information. That sucked! So now I'm left wondering. What is this report all about? Neglect? Abuse? What? I pray that it is not abuse of any kind. I already knew she neglected him. The problem though is that neglect is hard to prove. It has to be intense neglect to get anything done. I pray that this worker locates her, and checks out the environment that JH is staying in. He is all over the place, and I hate that. Children need stability. They need to lay down in the same bed every night. They need a lot more than what people are sometimes willing to give them. Makes me sad.


RJ and I really enjoyed this visit. I think more than normal. We went to the park several times, and to all the different playgrounds in our city. That was a blast for him. Not only was it fun, it gave him the opportunity to hone his physical skills. His climbing skills are really devloping. When you develop a child's physical skills, you strenghten their mental skills, and their self esteem. I hope that whereever JH is, he is being loved and attended to. I just don't know.


If CPS ever gets back to us with a report, and JH needs a place to live RJ and I will take custody of him. CB (his dad) is not in a place in his life to care for him. He is no more stable than mom, though he is clean of drugs and alcohol at this time. I don't think JH"s mom is. Lord, what a hot mess. This is really not where I saw my life going. Not where I want to be at all. It is where I am at though, and so I accept that, and am willing to navigate my way to the clear. I pray that soon, JH will have a better life, and I feel the only way he will is if we raise him. I guess time will tell.


Please pray for this little boy. Pray for RJ and I as we wait for the powers that be to figure out what is going on. I have JH's room ready for him, and that is all I can do. Thank you friends.


Be blessed, and by all means possible be a blessing.


peace :) shemelts

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  1. zacadair

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    September 11, 2016