So I am really struggling....

with all of these small children dying in crazy ways. Just read where a set of three year old twins drowned at a family gathering. The parents had let the boys go outside with a group of other kids, including an older sibling. No one checked on them. Two and a half hours later the older sibling finds them at the bottom of a pool. What the hell people? I have a large group of three year old boys here, and not one of them is capable of making a good decision when it comes to a pool. Who lets their three year olds go outside with a group of kids, and never checks on them? I'm just flabbergasted.


Then there was the three year old boy who went outside and climbed into his mother's car to retrieve a toy, and was then unable to open the doors from the inside. He died of heat exhaustion. Where were his parents? Seriously people. Three year olds should not leave your sight. Lock your freaking car doors. Preventable death!! Gone in a flash, and just who was supervising him? No one obviously! :(


Then there is the kid and the crocodile in Florida. I blame the parents on that one too. First of all, if there is a sign that says "No Swimming!" that means do not get in the water. The pics I have seen show a nice little sandy beach area, but the water looks too murky to swim in. There is a few feet of shallow water, then a drop off.  It was late at night, and the parents were not in the water with him. Though they were from Nebraska, that shouldn't have precluded them from knowing that Florida is full of alligators. A two year old swished away right in front of them. I know they will never get over witnessing that. His death was preventable! :(


The boy and the gorilla. Seriously people. Now I did think the Zoo should have had a fence up in that viewing area, the mother was distracted for a moment and the child slipped in. Luckily for him the zoo took action to save him from the gorilla. An unnecssary death of a gorilla was the result. Terrible!


Then there is the boy who had the television fall on him and kill him. Ugh! It is just never ending.


As parents and guardians we have a responsibility to be on our toes when it comes to small children. Nothing is more important than their safety, and we have to keep our guard up at all times. Children under the age of five are very curious, and they do not make good choices in regards to their safety. They don't have the brain development, or the experience to understand the dangers they face. I can not even fathom a child drowning at my house, or dying in any kind of accident. I just can't even.


I have my grandson JH for two weeks. We purchased him a wading pool yesterday. There were four adults watching him play in it yesterday. We then covered it with a heavy tarp, and laid bricks all around it to secure the tarp from his little hands, and for anything that might enter it. I am being extra vigilent with the Littles that none of them venture towards the pool. It is set up on the other side of my yard, and not near their play area. The bricks that are on the tarp would all need to be moved to get into the pool, so that helps give a small level of time for me to intervene should JH attempt to get in that pool unsupervised. I haven't mentioned the pool to the Littles, so they are not curious about it at all.


I'm on my toes with all six of my Littles today. 6 boys, and they are uber busy. We have rules about how far across the yard they can go, and for the most part they mind the rules well. You never know though with small children, because they may see a bird fly across the yard and follow after it. Keeping me on my toes for sure. No sitting down with this bunch.


I am super duper sad that all of these little children have been lost to stupid preventable accidents. If you have a small child, please attend to them. Attend to them the entire time they are awake. Don't let down your guard because that is when these freak accidents happen. If you have a pool, be extra vigilent. Even if it is a wading pool. Lock your car doors, and have anyone that visits you lock their doors. Secure that your television is safe from toppling, and teach your children not to climb on furniture. If you are in gator country, respect the gators. You are in their habitat, and they are wild animals. Seriously people. Get it together!


Sad day! 


peace : {

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  1. stonehead

    vigilance. and SheMelts says all I need to hear. He thanks you, for being a guiding voice for me. Sincerely

    June 20, 2016
  2. This comment has been deleted
  3. ratinaankhka

    hallo haris rasheed

    August 04, 2016
  4. tysonabdullah

    Parents do need to take this thing seriously. Children are not smart enough to take care of themselves. They are only curious enough to land themselves in troublesome situations. Some good parenting tips are available at superiorpaper writing services for them.

    August 22, 2016